Real Log HomesToday's log homes are not what they used to be.

While they are still built with the same rugged and timeless look as they have been for centuries, today's log homes are designed to be lower maintenance, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. Making sure we can offer the latest in log home advancements to our clients means we need to partner with a log home manufacturer who has continuously been at the forefront of design and technology: Real Log Homes®.

We have been an Independent Representative for Real Log Homes® since 1996.

Prior to this we put up buildings from five other manufacturers. During our long stead we have learned from hands on experience what it takes to help design, assemble and finish a traditional log home to the highest standards.

We have also encountered a number of clients who, for various reasons, would like to participate in the project in a hands-on capacity. For these DIY folks we have always been happy to help teach and provide assistance and guidance when necessary.

Our experience as builders also allows us to build homes that contain both log portions and conventional built portions.

These "hybrid" style homes are a great fit for those people who like the look of a log home, but don't want their entire home to be log-built. For these clients we can seamlessly build a home with one wing being log-built and the others built with high-quality conventional methods.

Floor Plans